I would like to hug my friend, Kayte, for getting me back into bread baking. Especially for making me work on finishing The BBA Challenge. There were actually two groups working on The Challenge. One did a bread each week. We, Slow and Steady BBA, did one every other week. And the last one I did was The Basic SourDough (June 2011). It did not turn out very well, I was discuraged and simply quit making bread, completely. NOW I back in Bread Mode and ready to make more. And when Kayte said she was making Reinhart’s Stollen I knew I had to join in.

As I was writing this post I realized I had actually made this Stollen before (December 2010) as part of MKMW Germany but it was before I joined BBA. It didn’t hurt to make it again. And this time instead of a Batard I used the ‘blanket-in-the-manger’ method.

It was much prettier.

Shape into a rectangle.

Roll the rectangle flat in the center.

Fold the dough over onto itself and shape it into a cresent.

It made a beautiful package with some extra citrus zest and sliced almonds stuffed into the side.

It did ‘come undone’ some while baking but it was a lovely bread with a lovely sweet citrusy taste.

I may have put a wee bit too much powdered sugar on top. In the end, it was a delicious bread. Visit Kayte for her Stollen.

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