Well, they were supposed to be Three-way, but mine are only Two-way. Let me explain. These ‘snappy’ little cookies called for ground, fresh, and crystallized ginger, but I only had the ground and fresh. I was hesitant about making them sans one of the ingredients, but Kayte, Phyl and Nancy all said to go for it (we were Twitter/baking at the time) so I did. And they were tasty.

These were really peppy little cookies. I would like to make them again. With the crystallized ginger.

By the way, if you have been following those of us doing the Modern Baker Challenge the section after Puff Pastry was supposed to be cakes, but since it was the holiday season, and holidays = cookies, we skipped cakes. Don’t worry, we will go back to them the first of June. Until then, enjoy the 25 different cookies that will show up on the Modern Baker Challenge Website.

Phyl is the official host for these cookies. So visit his blog. His are beautiful.

More cookies to come.