On January 15, 2008, TWD bakers celebrated their third week in existance by making this little fruity cheesecake like dessert…

    Hidden Berry Cream Cheese Torte

The choice was April’s of Abby’s Sweets for that week. Everyone who made it that week had a beautiful dessert on their hands. And mine was very tasty, but looked nothing like theirs – at all.

I used some Raspberry Plum Preserves and it fit very well with the Cheese-cake like tort. I think I used too much preserves and it took quite a while for the torte to bake enough to be done. That meant mine was nice and BROWN on top {Sound familiar?}

One-forth of the recipe was enough for a 4″ mini springform pan.

Definitely going to make this one again. Full size. Strawberry Jam!!

I know other TWD members are catching up on the recipes they missed. Check around. You won’t be sorry.