So, here it is, the last Tuesday in January and the last (but one) TWD January treat I missed. {I say but one because there are the Chocolate Fluff Filled Madeleines but those will have to wait.}

January 20, 2009, I missed Mare’s pick. Sorry, Mare. But I am making up for it now.

    Berry Surprise Cake

This cake reminds me of summer. It is filled with berries – Dorie suggested Raspberries but said we could use any berry so I used blackberries and strawberries – and covered with Whipped Cream. Almost a strawberry shortcake, but way better.

The sponge cake is hollowed out, brushed with Raspberry Syrup {I had some DaVinci so I used that.} and then filled with a cream cheese/whipped cream filling and berries.

Since mine was small {6″ springform} I did not slice the whole top of the cake off, but rather cut the center out and sliced off a piece of the removed cake.

I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room for the filling. 1/2 of the recipe of cake was perfect for the smaller springform. 1/2 of the filling and whipped topping was also just right.

Delicious! Light! Refreshing! Definitely something to be enjoyed in the summer, but also a way to brighten up the winter.

You can find the recipe on Mare’s blog – Meet Me in the Kitchen – along with other delicious treats!! Or on page 273 – 275 in Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

Now on to February and the missing treats….

I know Nancy is catching up on TWD as is Leslie so go visit with them, too.