Several years ago I finally learned how to make a decent omelette. Thanks to AB!! And I like them fairly plain. Cheese, yes, but lots of other add-ins, not so much. I was perfectly satisfied with my omelett until Kayte introduced me to Donna Hay who introduced me to her puffy omelette.

    Puffed Cheese Omelett

I have never made an omelett using Donna’s method. Basically you separate the eggs, mix the yoolks with cream, beat the whites stiff and fold into the yolk mixture. What this gives you is an extraordinarily puffy delicious omelette. Now just add in the Mascarpone, Cheddar, and Parmesan cheeses and you have a melty delicious breakfast.

The only spices: salt, pepper. The only herb: chives. I was so glad to see chives in the ingredient list. My poor little partially neglected Chive plant…

…has been begging to be used.

Was it good?? Yes, indeed. Soooo good!! And puffy!! And did I say it was cheesy?? I have to admit I had never had Mascarpone. It’s been in my fridge, unused, for a while. It won’t sit much longer. It melts beautifully and adds so much flavor. Especially this omelette.

I would add more chives next time. I like the flavor but it was only faint and I think more would be bettr in this case.

This is my first foray into Donna Hay Wednesdays thanks to Kayte and Gaye. And you can see Kayte’s and Gaye’s Puffy Omelettes on their sites.

You can find the recipe on Donna’s Site along with lots and lots of others. And check in with us on Wednesdays all year long for Donna Hay Wednesday!!