“Saffron has the distinction of being the world’s most expensice spice by weight.”

And so says Hazan. And of course we all knew that. Which is why many of us don’t use it very often. Or at least I don’t.

But when my Dear Friend, Leslie, gifted me some saffron from her stash I knew I would use it sparingly and only with good recipes I found. Like this one!

    Fettuccini alle Zucchini e Zafferano

Made with heavy cream butter and egg noodles it includes only salt/pepper and saffron for the seasoning. Saffron is supposed to add a delicate flavor to the pasta.

You can see the small strands of saffron in the pasta. Since I have never used saffron I really don’t know what the flavor is supposed to be, but I could not taste anything but the zucchini and the cheese. Which was still good!!!

You can find this recipe on page 82 of Hazan’s 30 Minute Pasta.

Kayte will have her pasta up and so will