If it’s Tuesday it must be TWD!!

    But wait, you say, didn’t you tell us in December that TWD was OVER?

    Yes, I did, I admit it, but now we have a NEW TWD Baking with Julia!!

    Baking with Julia is a collection of recipes from the PBS “Baking With Julia” series. The recipes are not Julia’s but rather recipes from the chefs/bakers/cooks who were on her show. Dorie wrote the acknowledgement and put the book together so it’s still TWD!!!

    So without further ado…..

    The first pick for BwJ is a simple white loaf of bread baked by Craig Kominiak

    This is the first bread in the section and it is really simple to put together. The full recipe makes two loaves so I cut it in half for one. The dough was VERY wet, but came together in the end for a tasty loose crumb bread. It was easy to slice and made a good sandwich. But on the second day it tended to crumble when sliced. It also dried out quickly even though I had it well wrapped.

    Please note how lopsided the bread is…

    The second rise is only supposed to be 45 minutes, but life got in the way and 90 minutes later the bread had RISEN!!! The only problem I had was that it was a very wet dough. But it worked out in the end, but I would recommend adding the water slowly rather than all at once.

    We already have more than 200 bakers in TWD:BwJ so scoot on over to the website and check out the breads. AND you can find Craig’s recipe for the bread on JUles Blog – Someone’s In The Kitchen

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