ALLEGEDLY Marie Antoinette is said to have retorted, “Well, let them eat cake {brioche}!” when told that the people of France could not afford bread. {Studies show she probably DID NOT say anything like this}. The Phrase Finder reminds us that the victors write history and the French people didn’t really care for Marie very much!!

Personally, I would rather eat BREAD!!!

Which is way I (and many many others) decided to bake my way through Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Well, that journery is almost done and over the last two weeks Nancy, Kayte, and I have made THREE variations of Reinhart’s white bread.

While all three of my breads LOOKED exactly alike – I made rolls with all three recipes – they all tasted differently.

Bread #1 uses powdered milk and water.

Bread #2 uses buttermilk (or whole milk).

Bread #3 uses whole milk and utilizes a sponge.

ALL three were very good white bread rolls. We used them for sandwiches, hamburgers, and plain with butter just out of the oven. But of the three the rolls made with BUTTER MILK (#2) were the best. They had a richer sweeter flavor than the other two. As I was putting MEP together I realized I had no bread flour. I took a chance (after talking to Kayte and used AP flour instead. It worked out beautifully. If you want to try the buttermilk version you can find the recipe on Brown-Eyed Baker’s blog

Version #1 with powdered milk and water is on bouillie written by Celeste.

I looked all over the net for Version #3 made with whole milk and a sponge and could not find it. The BBA group isn’t publishing the recipes. The recipes are on pages 265 – 269.>

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