Already the 2nd Tuesday for the New Baking with Julia? Where did last the two weeks go?

SWOOSH!! Gone!!

But even though we had two weeks since the last BwJ I didn’t get to this tart until Monday. If I had know how easy it really was I would have made it weeks ago.

Actually, I did know, I just didnt’ have any biscotti and I didn’t want to make it with other cookies, although it would have worked just fine.

The filling for this tart {Baked by David Ogonowski} is a simple “bittersweet creamy chocolate truffle concoction” that has crunch added in with the bits of biscotti. I didn’t have time to make any so I picked up a bag of biscotti bites and they worked fine. I only made 1/4 of the filling recipe and that filled, well, one 4.5″ tart. (I made the full pastry recipe knowing I could use it for SOMETHING!!)

The differing textures of the cookie in the creamy filling was interesting. The added in white chocolate bits and the milk chocolate didn’t stand out but did add to the richness of the flavor.

You can see that it was a creamy filling (unless I undercooked it!) and it was GOOD!! And I am so glad it is now GONE!


Spike of Spike Bakes and Steph of A Whisk and a Spoon were the hosts for this week’s TWD:BwJ so you can find the recipe on their pages. And their’s are beautiful!!

You can also find it in Baking with Julia on page 382/383.