From the outside this looks like just another chocolate cake.

But cut into it and you find an intense chocolate fudgy cake.

Then serve it with a small scoop of Dorie’s Vanilla Ice Cream (page 428 of BFMHTY)

and you have a decadent dessert that is not hard and doesn’t take a long time to make. The cake includes chopped prunes soaked in Armagnac {Dorie said we could use Brandy, which I did} and then flamed. THAT WAS FUN!! Incorporated into the cake they add a richness and a small waft of Brandy flavor to this already intense chocolate delight.

The glaze was so so good. I was tempted to eat it with a spoon and NOT put it on the cake, but reason prevailed and I only ate 1/2 of it….. melted chocolate with butter and powdered sugar. What’s not to love!!!

Definitely a favorite chocolate dessert now. I missed making this in 3 March 2009 when it was chosen by LyB of Then I do the Dishes where you can find the recipe.

Thanks, Dorie, for losing your job over this one because it is delicious!! {The story is on LyB’s page!}


So is it a pie or is it a cake. Well, because of the crust dough it could be both.

It LOOKS like a pie. Two crusts, yummy apple/cinnamon/sugar filling. Topped with sugar {I used turbinado.} and baked. PIE!!

But the dough for the crust bakes into a cake-y crust top and bottom. CAKE!! I cannot decide. What I did decide was that it was GOOD!!

Russian Grandmother’s Apple Pie Cake was chosen by Natalie over at Burned Bits for the March 11, 2008, TWD.
It was a tasty choice.

This was supposed to be made in a 9″ x 12″ baking pan, but there are just two of us and I knew we would never finish the whole thing so I made a mini pie using 1/3 of the recipe. That being said, I made the whole crust recipe so I could use it for something else. Everyone said how good it was so it never hurts to have extra of a good thing.

You can find the recipe on Natalie’s blog.