Is there anything better than a GOOD hamburger? I mean a REALLY GOOD burger. They are not easy to find. You won’t find them at any fast food joints. Not ever. If you are lucky you can find them at a good restaurant or a burger specialty eat shop but it’s not easy. The best thing to do is to make your own.

Friday night is burger nite for us. And this past Friday we had a new version of the old American Standby from Donna Hay. Not bad for the Aussie take on the American Sandwich. In addition to the usual seasonings – salt and pepper – Donna added in tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce. While they added some flavor to the meat it was the moisture that they added that was more important. It can be difficult to broil/fry/grill a burger patty and NOT have it come out dry, so the two additions to the meat helped quite a bit.

We didn’t have beet root to put on the burger but I did add the grilled onions which added a nice sweet taste. This time of the year a good tomato is hard to find so we just left it off and went with lettuce and cheese.


Thanks for this pick, Gaye.

You can find Donna’s recipe on her website. Try it out!

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