With St Patrick’s Day only three days behind us this month’s 2nd pick for Baking with Julia was PERFECT!

This is not my prettiest bread it is so buttery delicious that the looks just don’t count in this case. I never knew just how good bread made with TONS (well 2 cups) of buttermilk could be. Don’t bother to put anything on the bread, just eat it plain!!

This bread has a wonderful tight crumb with a silky texture and a wonderfully crusty exterior. I cut a huge slice and shared with it with The Hubs just plain – no butter, no jam. Delicious. And this morning for b’fast = toasted. With just butter. Close your eyes and you are back in the old country – kinda. Well, not really, but you wish you were!!

I have to admit, I was a little fearful of making this bread. The last time I made Irish Soda Bread it was AWFUL!! (Same ingredients, but….!!) I had been wanting to try another one (only took me 4 years!!) and this one was the right one. Definitely a keeper. And quick – about an hour. So if you need a buttery, crusty quick BREAD try this one. Soon!!

I was a little hesitant that this bread would turn out. The dough was very, very wet and very, very sticky which is why it was quite difficult to make the cross on top…

So the next time I make this – like next week – I will add the buter milk gradually. But in the end it was great bread.

This week’s hosts are Cathy of My Culinary Mission who topped hers with Gruyere and Carla of Chocolate Moosey who added dried cherries to hers. You can find the recipe on either of their blogs.

And then check out all the creative breads made by the rest of the Baking With Julia group. I know there will be some delicious and wonderful variations out there. If you like what you see why don’t you join in. Find out how!