If the weather is chilly I have several basic meals I make that don’t get made when it is warm outside. Stew! Gumbo! Soup! and this dish…

    Osso Buco

This is a new recipe for me – one from Donna Hay – and my pick for DINNER for Donna Hay Wednesday.

The ingredient list is simple – veal shanks, red wine, beeth broth, tomato paste, garlic and onions. Veal is very difficult to find here in Podunk, La., so I used beef instead which is what I usually use. To make it tender I had to cook it a wee bit longer. The flavor was so good. I did decrease the amount of red wine but that is the only change I made to the other ingredients. DELICIOUS!!

What made this recipe different from the one I usually use – no carrots, no celery, no thyme, no bay, and white wine rather than red. Sorry to say the rest of the family think my other RECIPE is better, but this one is easier. Next time – slow cooker!!

Please visit with Gaye who loved it, Kayte, and Chaya.

You can find the recipe on Donna’s Blog.