You know the best time to eat Breakfast? A night. It is such a comforting feeling to have waffles, or pancakes, or french toast. Or maybe this little dandy from Donna Hay.

      soft-poached eggs with sweet potato hash browns

I always of eggs as the quintessential breakfast food. And I love sweet potatoes in any form. So when I saw this recipe I knew it would be a perfect pick for Breakfast – my pick for Donna Hay Wednesday. It wasn’t until I finally got around to really LOOKING at the recipe that I saw it included ASPARAGUS and that cinched the deal. I loved the crispy sweet potato pancake with the soft poached egg center which drizzled down over the pancake and the lovely sweet asparagus. Definitely a repeat here!!!

I did leave off the horseradish sauce because no one in the family likes it. And it didn’t need it for flavor. I almost made a simple Hollandaise but just ran out of time. You can find the recipe on Donna’s Website.

Chaya and Gaye made this breakfast jewel, too, so visit them and see how their’s turned out. Kayte is taking a break.