THIS has been an experience. Baking my way, along with several other friends, through Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice. That what I have been for the last 40+ breads, an apprentice. This apprenticeship began in August of 2009 when Nancy suggested we do a small goupr of BBA with just two breads a month rather than weekly. Weekly was just too much bread. I started with the Ciabatta bread, caught up, and last week Kayte and I, well, Kayte, finished the breads. The last two in the book are Potato, Cheddar, and Chive Torpedoes and Roasted Onion and Asiago Miche.

The Torpedoes are made with boiled unpeeled potatoes, slices of cheddar cheese (although I used shredded and it did fine!), and chopped fresh chives. The bread was so chewy, rustic, and delicious.

The tops of the loaves are slashed so that the cheese oozes out onto the tops of the bread. Fresh out of the oven it was wonderful. Grilled for a sandwich it was perfect. Definitely a repeat here.I am glad I made two to begin with. One is safely tucked away in the freezer.


The Miche was full of Asiago cheese both internally and sprinkled on top before baking. There was also sauteed onions on top {although they may look burnt, they are pleasingly caramelized!!}

This bread was AMAZING!! All the flavor of the cheese and the richness of the bread. It is a three day bread but worth all 72 hours. One day to make the sponge. One day prepare the dough and sautee (or roast) the onions and one day to bake the bread. Did I say how amazing it was?? I only made 1/2 of the recipe and it resulted in a large 11 inch diameter bread.


You should have been reading the tweets that were being passed back and forth between me, Kayte, and Rebecca. It was as if we were obsessed with bread. Well, of course, we ARE !! So much fun baking with others, even if we are thousands of miles apart!!!!

While Kayte has now finished all the breads in Reinhart’s book I still have 5 to go. Four of them are sourdough and one is the Artos: Greek Celebration Bread. I will get to them. Really, I will!!

If you get a chance visit at Grandma’s Kitchen Table and look at Kayte’s breads. And Rebecca made it with the original group.

Thanks for tagging along on my apprenticeship and thanks to all the other Slow and Steady Bakers for introducing me to such wonderful breads.