Several days ago Abby of MixItBakeIt shared a recipe for Pepperoni Rolls with Kayte who then shared it with me. The result of all this sharing was a day of bread baking with Kayte. And that bread baking resulted in a tasty little treat that was a hit with everyone in her house and in mine.

Think of them as home made Hot Pockets but WAY WAY better. The pepperoni is microwaved until the pepperoni renders its fat and then some of the fat is added into the bread instead of butter. The flavor of the pepperoni is part of the dough. Inside the dough are sticks of pepperoni and I added cheese sticks (which didn’t melt).

The only alteration I made in the recipe, besides adding the cheese, was to have less meat than was called for. The recipe called for four pieces and I only used one. It really needed more, but I didn’t have enough. As it was I filled two of the eight pockets with deli ham and shredded cheddar cheese. THAT was good too.

These came out beautifully browned because of the egg wash and the dough stayed soft but slightly chewy. You could fill these with just about anything. Like mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce instead of dipping them in the sauce. OR you fill them just with tons of shredded cheese. Or taco meat. Or use butter in the dough and fill them with jam or chocolate. Like I said. Endless possibilities.

Kayte has them posted on her blog and when Abby posts them we will link to the recipe. So come on back later.