Tweeles! Yes, Tweeles. Or at least that is the pronunciation of the word. Tuiles are very thin wafer cookies named for and curved like the tuiles, or tiles, that line the rooftops of French country homes, particularly those in Provence. They can be sweet and served with ice cream or any custardy dessert or they can be savory made with cheese. Malgieri’s are sweet and made with almonds and lemon. Or, in my case, orange.

Malgieri calls for lemon zest but I had used my last in the Lemon Loaf. Orange was just fine with the almond. You can drop small teaspoonfuls on parchment or on a greased cookie sheet. There is a BIG difference in how they turn out.

The cookie on the right was on parchment, the left one on a greased sheet. AND the left one had a tad more dough than the right one. The plain cookie sheet gave me a thinner cookie.

If you want them curved you HAVE to place them HOT onto a curved object, such as a rolling pin, {if you want really curvy tuiles use a small round object, or shape them into small bowls for ice cream} or they will not curve without cracking. TRUST ME!! I ended up with lots of flat cookies and broken cookies. But the broken ones didn’t go to waste. On top of Lemon Curd Ice Cream they were just right!!!

The recipe for the TUILES is on page 288 of Nick Malgieri’s the Modern BakerAnd stop by the home of The Modern Baker Challenge for more cookies!