And so comes the end of April and just enough time to post three of the four recipes left from the the four years of Tuesdays with Dorie. After reviewing the April recipes I discovered I only had seven left to finish. The first post in April contained 3. Here are three more!

April 15, 2008, found the bakers making an item that most of us usually buy in plastic bags –


If you have never made your own marshmallows you should do it at least once. It is an interesting experience. I made plain marshmallows but Dorie gives instructions for Chocolate, Raspberry, Cappuccino, and Pumpkin Spice variations. (I think the Pumpkin ones will be around in the fall!) Guess what?? They TASTE like marshmallows. Well, DUH! you say – but I really wasn’t expecting them too. Really!!! And I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with a batch of marshmallows. Lucky for me it was pretty chilly the night I made them and so into some Hot Chocolate they went!

They melted much quicker than the plastic bag version and that was a good thing. Now, I need a brownie recipe that uses marshmallows….

While reading through the recipe I saw that there was a tablespoon of sugar listed in the ingredients but never listed in the instructions. I cannot count how many times I reread the recipe. Highlighted the ingredients as they were used in the recipe. It was a mystery!! But Judy solved the mystery in a later post. Thanks Judy for coming through for us.

This recipe was Judy’s choice of Judy’s Gross Eats . You can find he recipe on her blog.


If you like figs and/or polenta then the dessert of April 29th of 2008 should be perfect for you. Check out Dorie’s Fluted Polenta and Ricotta Cake

This was a big hit here. I was really hesitant about making this one because I don’t like figs. We have fig trees. I let the birds eat them. And even though B will eat them, he really isn’t a fan. But I went ahead and made the whole cake because I was curious about the polenta and what it would do to a cake. It did wonderful things to the cake. I loved the texture – a little crunchy but soft -and mixed with the honey, lemon zest and ricotta the cake was delightfully sweet. I did TRY a fig in the cake and even though I still don’t care for them it really wasn’t bad. Dorie suggested dried Mission or Kadota figs but all I could find was Malmyrna. Those worked just fine. WHEN I make this again (because I loved the cake part) it will the cut the figs into small pieces. REALLY small pieces!!

The only problem I had with the cake was the size of the pan and the amount of batter. The cake us supposed to be made in a 10.5″ tart pan and the biggest I had was an 8″. I put entirely too much batter in. Thank goodness it was on a cookie sheet with a silicone mat.

Thanks to Caitlin of Engineer Baker for this one. Made me try something new and find a new flavor I really like. And her cake is so beautifully perfect!! BTW did I mention the Lemony Whipped Cream I topped the cake with? O Yeah!!


For TWD on April 14, 2009, we were making Holly’s choice –

As many of you know I live in a small town and as such don’t have access to many ‘different’ ingredients. In this case – Amaretti – which are small crunchy almond macaroons from Italy. Italy is far removed from Podunk USA so I had to find a substitute. That sub came in the form of mini almond biscotti. They still had the almond flavor and still provided the interesting crunch found in the torte. Topped with some almond whipped cream and shaved chocolate it WAS the elegant European dessert Dorie graced us with.

This cake was rich in chocolate flavor and perfect for a quick dessert since the whole cake is made in the food processor. Yes! Perfect!! topped with a rich chocolate glaze it is a chocolate lover’s dream. Thanks for this choice, Holly!!


There IS one more April recipe but until I can find RHUBARB it will have to wait!!

And lucky for me May has five Tuesdays. Two for Baking with Julia and three for TWD2. And only 6 catch-ups. WHEW!! Slowing down a tad!!