When I first saw the title of this recipe I thought we were making something like a pizza. Then I remembered that ‘Down Under’ a slice is a quick cake, kind of. I only remember this because a few months back I made Bill’s Blackberry Slice from Bill Granger, an Australian chef, and it was a quick cake. So now we have Donna’s Hummingbird Slice which is like the Southern Hummingbird Cake but lighter, unfrosted, and made in an 8″ x 8″ pan rather than a layered cake.

Can you see all the coconut, carrots, and pecans in the cake. It is very like a carrot cake except the raisins are replaced by crushed pineapple which adds a tad more sweetness. But this cake wasn’t that sweet, although Kayte disagrees with me (you can find her mini cake on her site). The cake is drizzled with honey which just sweetens the whole light concoction. I have NEVER made a cake that came out so LIGHT!! It almost floated off the plate. Maybe the honey is to hold it down!! 🙂 And it is very very moist. Even three days later it is moist and delicious.

Thank you, Gaye. You just picked what is now one of our fave snack cakes. I think I’ll try these as cupcakes. Little cupcakes.

You can find the recipe on Donna’s Website. And check with Chaya for her ‘slice’ of hummingbird cake!!!

Donna Hay Wednesday is taking a break over the summer or winter if you are Chaya and Gaye. I hope you will come back and visit with us, or JOIN US!!! when we come back in August!!