Ellie has a new book out – Comfort Food Fix. And it must be a popular one because our last two recipes have come from it.

And today is the last Friday of the month so it is CEinMB group recipe time. This time it was Peggy’s pick and she sent us all the recipe for….


Fritters made not just with potatoes or zucchini but both. And caramelized onions thrown in just for good measure.

I really wanted to like these, but we didn’t. The strongest taste was the zucchini and it was the raw taste. And they were a little bland. I think some Cajun Seasoning would have really helped the flavor. MAYBE I didn’t bake them long enough. I think I will try them again and increase the seasoning.

Sorry, Peggy. This was your choice and I was looking forward to them.

Drop by the Craving Ellie site and see how the others’ fritters turned out.