Walk into any Mexican Restaurant and they bring you a basket of Tortillas. Usually with salsa

Walk into an Asian Restaurant and they bring you a bowl of friend noodles with some hot mustard and/or sweet and sour sauce.

Walk into any East Indian Restaurant and you are greeted with NAAN!

If you are not familiar with NAAN, it is a soft/crispy flat bread.
Sometimes it is just sprinkled with salt. Sometimes it is slathered in an herb butter (MY favorite). Sometimes it is just plain. It is not meant to be eaten alone. It is meant to be a useful eating tool.

Just how much sauce can you pick up with a tortilla (hard) or a fried noodle (hard) or a fork (hard). But with a nice soft NAAN no sauce escapes!!!

      Oasis Naan

And this NAAN, contributed by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid to TWD’s newest book Baking with Julia, is no exception. It is soft but not limp with a nice thin center and nice puffy rims. I mean NICE puffy rims.

The center of this NAAN is flat and filled with chopped scallions, coarse salt, and Cumin (or caraway seeds). Cumin is one of my favorite spices so I may have sprinkled a LITTLE more than the 1 tsp. called cor. And with the onions it gave the bread a wonderful heady flavor. How perfect with some curry. AND no sauce escapes.

I have made NAAN a few times over the last few years but was never completely satisfied with them. I am NOW!! This is NOW my favorite NAAN to date. {Except for that little Indian Restaurant in Shreveport with the naan slathered in olive oil and butter and sprinkled with just a touch of salt!!}
My good buddy, Phy, of Cabbages and Kings is cohosting this week with Maggie of Always Add More Butter. You can find the recipe on their pages.

OR buy Baking with Julia and find it on page 149.