You’re kidding, right? A cake with 1 1/2 cups of Olive Oil? Won’t it be extra heavy? Won’t it taste like OIL??





This wasn’t a light cake but it wasn’t heavy like I expected with all the oil. The texture was similar to cornbread. It was slightly sweet and delicious. I only made 1/3 of the recipe which fit quite well in my little oval Wilton pan. Just enough for two of us (and some in the freezer). I topped it with orange flavored whipped cream and topped with mandarin oranges. Perfect dessert after a heavy meal.

This cake is quick to make as are many of Malgieri’s recipes.

I found the recipe on katrina’s blog she/s in the kitchenBut you really should find Nick’s the Modern Baker. Lovely recipes and beautiful photographs. Well worth it!!

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