June 17, 2008 found the Bakers of Tuesdays with Dorie making a Peppermint Cream Ring. And all of the ones made were lovely! Beautiful puffs of pastry filled with wonderful pastry cream and topped with ganache.

      NOT MINE!!

I have had semi-failures before. It happens. But I have never had a TOTAL FAIL!! Please don’t judge my baking skills (thanks to TWD) based on this ONE dessert!! PLEASE!!

Fail 1: The puff pastry didn’t puff so I couldn’t slice it in two

Fail 2: After piping the pastry cream on to the ONE layer of puff pastry it collapsed completely!

Fail 3: The glaze ‘joined’ the pastry cream in escaping the puff pastry.

It was an ingredient conspiracy!! BUT…

It did taste good. The only redeeming feature!!

Fortunately I only made 1/2 and it was just for us.

The only change I made was to make a lemon pastry cream. And it would have been quite good – if it hadn’t collapsed!! BAH HUMBUG!!

It was a good pick from Caroline of A Consuming Passion and I CAN make puff pastry, but not this time!! Hers was lovely!!

Page 290 of BFMHTY


There are so many of Dorie’s treats that are super simple. There are quite a few that aren’t. And some LOOK complicated, but are not really!! Such it is with this treat!

    Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

Each of the four components are really easy, it just takes a while to put the whole thing together. 3 Meringue sheets. Toasted Coconut. Broiled pineapple. White Chocolate Ganache. Since the components have to cool it may take several hours to complete the whole thing. But, believe me, the whole thing is well worth it. The crispy meringue. The toasted coconut. The sweet ganache. The roasted pineapple all come together beautifully.

The recipe called for almonds in the meringue but I used the last of mine for a torte earlier in the day so I used pecans instead. Worked out just fine!!! AND I couldn’t find a decent fresh pineapple so I used canned slices. They may be a little sweeter than necessary, but they worked out just fine, too. The only mistake I made was to over mix the white chocolate ganache. But when life gets in the way you do the best you can. The USP man showed up at the door and I forgot to turn off the mixer. Ah, well. It is the taste that counts!! Right?

The group made this on June 23, 2009. It was chosen by Andrea of Andrea in the Kitchen who is located in Australia. {One of the great things about this group is that we have bakers ALL OVER THE WORLD!!}

You can find the recipe on Andrea’s blog and on page 293 of Dorie’s book.


If you want a super simple to make dessert, Dorie’s Cobbler is the one for you.

    Mixed Berry Cobbler

What do you need?
5 cups of mixed fruit – fresh or frozen {I used blackberries and blueberries from our garden mixed with a few fresh strawberries}
That’s it. That’s all there is to the filling. And that is simply tossed into a 9″ deep dish pie plate and topped with a simple crust. I mixed up my crust in the processor (flour, butter, cream with salt and baking powder)and it worked out fine.

Since I was making only 1/2 of the recipe I used my little white cups and used the biscuit cutter to make circles of the crust.

1/2 of the biscuit topping was more than enough for the three cups so now I have extra to use on another cobbler. Probably this one, again!!

The only change I would make next time would be to sprinkle some sugar on the biscuit topping prior to baking. We topped it with vanilla ice cream while it was still warm. YUM!!

Chosen by Beth of Sweet Life Kitchen for the June 24, 2008, pick.

Page 416 of Dorie’s BFMHTY. The recipes for these treats are also on the hostess’ blog.