It is still HOT here in the Deep South so a simple light stir-fry seemed perfect for this week. Yes, I know, it is COLD in Australia where two of our members live. But this stir-fry/soup is perfect for both.

Made with bok-choy, shitake mushrooms ginger, garlic, and chillis it is spicy and light.

I did make a couple of substitutions. Donna listed dried somen or Chinese Wheat noodles which I could not find. I had a choice of soba or rice sticks in the pantry so I went with the rice sticks. They seemed a better fit for the lightness of this dish. AND I left out the chilli because I am just not a fan. Because of that the dish lost some of it’s spicyness. Next time I will include them.

And I think baby bok-choy would have been better – it’s not quite as tough.

All i all I did like this dish. It is light, quick, and easy to put together. Thanks, donna. And thanks to Chaya for this week’s pick from Donna’s off the shelf: cooking from the pantry.

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The recipe, although for all practical purposes you can play with the amounts to suit your taste, is on page 62.