I would have to agree with Giuliano’s wife when she was hesitant about this pasta. Anchovies as one of only two major ingredients……?? Wouldn’t it be salty? Fishy?

But giuliano was right. They only enhance the flavor of the whole dish!

And Giuliano was also right about the sweetness of the onions softening the anchovies. It was delicious. And the only other ingredient, besides the pasta (duh!) is fresh chopped parsley.

I did slice the onions a little thicker but then I had nice big pieces to enjoy!! And, as usual, with Hazan’s pastas you can adapt it to your tastes. A little more of this, a little less of this…..

I also used speghetti instead of bigoli since I could not find any. I really need to pull out the pasta machine and made some! SHEESH!! Just lazy I guess!!

The Bigoli in Salsa is on page 122 of Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pasta.

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