Once upon a time, Far Far… oh, sorry, got a little carried away…

So. Far Breton. What is it? I didn’t know until I made Dorie’s. It is a “custardy cake” from Brittany. It is not a common dessert here in the US. And if it was, it still would be rather unknown here in the Deep South. I like learning new things and new desserts, as many of Dorie’s have been to me, is twice as good because the new knowledge is EDIBLE!!.

The Far Breton was the choice of Nicole of Cookies on Friday on November 1, 2011. You can find the recipe on her blog.

I only made 1/3 of the recipe. And since I don’t have a small cake pan I was going to use my 5″ Spring form. Well, that didn’t work. I walked into the kitchen and the batter was leaking out of the pan. I quickly poured the batter and the cherries into two 4″ cake pans. Luckily I didn’t lose much of the batter.

The fars rose beautifully in the oven but by the time I made it back into the kitchen with the (new) camera they had already collapsed.

But these were so good. Creamy and soft. The Brandied cherries all floated to the bottom but that was okay. B said the sunken top would be perfect for a huge scoop of ice cream. Unfortunately, the Far disappeared before I could make that happen. Ah, well, next time!!!!

I guess the TWD catchup posts will be a little out of order. Trying to finish before the Holiday Baking Season begins.