Chicken and Rice. It is a simple dish often seen in this household. Simple that is until Donna Hay got hold of it, changed the regular rice to arborio, added leeks and lemon, and baked it in the oven. What you end up with is a tasty risotto with moist chicken.

It only takes a skillet and a baking dish to complete the dish. Brown the chicken. Then brown the leeks with lemon zest. Add all the ingredients (except the chicken) and bake. Add the chicken later. Oven Risotto without lots of stirring. Easy!!

Donna’s recipe uses just chicken breasts but I made 1/2 of the recipe with one breast and one chicken quarter. Since I was using a quarter I wanted to make sure the meat was done so I baked it alone during the first 20 minutes of the initial risotto bake. Then I added it, with the browned breast, to the baking dish. And almost forgot, instead of the chicken broth, I used vegetable broth.

I also left out the mint and used only part of the lemon juice. SOME people in this family are NOT fans!!

There are several of us cooking from Donna Hay’s recipes. So visit Kayte, Chaya, and Gaye – who chose this recipe for us this week.

The recipe is on page 42 in off the shelf: cooking from the pantry.