This week the Baking with Julia group made bread. Whole Wheat Bread. And it is good!

Since I have made Whole Wheat Bread many times over the years I decided to play around with this one a little.

    I used White Whole Wheat Flour instead of regular WWF.
    I left out the malt extract.
    I added in one Tbl of Italian Seasoning.
    I made a round loaf in this….

    which I rescued from the house this weekend before it was sold in a garage sale. {Anybody remember these from the late 1980s?}

So glad I did. I love the loaf it made. Round and perfect. While the bread is supposed to be longer one half of the recipe was not enough to fill the tube. I think it would really take 1 1/2 to make the whole round loaf

We really liked the mix of Italian seasoning and the chewy texture of the WW Bread. I think next time I will add more of the seasoning and maybe a little Parmesan cheese. Maybe. It will be good toasted with some pasta later this week.

The recipe was contributed by Craig Kominiak. The hosts this week were:

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