The most fun I have cooking and baking is trying new things. Mexican, Indian, Asian, Cajun cooking is the most fun. Learning new techniques. Finding new spices I had not heard of – asafoetida, fenugreek, zatar!! Growing my own herbs.

And cooking with a new chef who further introduces me to all this is wonderful. Like Donna Hay. Several of us are using Hay’s off the shelf along with her online recipes. We also have Modern Classics but haven’t used it yet.

This week, Kayte selected….

    Thai caramelised pork salad with Rice Noodles

Asian cuisine is something I am just learning about. While I love eating it out I love even more being able to make it at home. So, thanks, Kayte, for giving me another adventure in Asian cooking.

This is very easy to make. A combination of lime juice, fish sauce, ginger, anise {Which I am not fond of and will leave out next time.} and soy sauce mixed with sugar and chillies are all that is needed for the sweet sticky sauce. I left out the chillies and subbed in some crushed red pepper for the heat and let the pork ‘rest’ in the sauce for a while after it was done. And while I only used 1/2 the amunt of pork, I used the full recipe of the sauce. You can never have enough sauce!! And THEN instead of salad I mixed in some rice noodles. SO good!!

Thanks, Kayte. And check with Chaya, and Gaye who are also doing DH Wednesdays. If you want to join in just leave me a comment and I will include your link, too.

You can find the recipe on page 120 of OTS