September must have been a better month for baking. Only one TWD catch-up.

    Flip-Over Plum Cake

While we like plums, the Hubs is more of a fan, I found out today that we really don’t care for them cooked. For that reason alone we did not ‘flip’ over this cake. We liked the cake. Just not the plums. And since I made 1/4 recipe and used one whole plum there was more plum than cake. And that was unfortunate because we liked the cake.

Dorie had us stirring the plums with cinnamon, ginger, corriander {I left this out}, and sugar to make a nice syrup I forgot about the cinnamon so added it to the cake batter instead. THAT was a good choice.

Sorry, Dorie, we didn’t flip-over this one, but it is not your fault. Just don’t care for cooked plums.

Chosen by Becky of Project Domestication (her 2nd pick) the group baked it on September 27, 2011. Her’s was lovely. As were those from the other TWD members. You can find the recipe on Becky’s Blog or on page 42 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.