Pasta is always a favorite. Home. Luncheon. And if you are feeding a large group, pasta is often the way to go. Now mix it with cheese and spinach and Parmesan…..

This is so wonderfully simple. Cook your pasta, drain and place it in your pan. Mix up the cooked spinach, ricotta, Parmesan, sour cream and seasonings and spread over the pasta. Then just bake it until it is all golden on top. And it is so good.<P I was a little disappointed that the cheesy layer stayed on top rather than 'drizzle' down through the pasta. But all the 'girls' at the luncheon enjoyed it so that's okay.

I liked it a lot better after I reheated it for dinner and mixed it up some.

This was last week’s pick and my pick but I didn’t get to make it until Friday morning. Kayte and Gaye both made it last week and liked it a lot.

You can find the recipe on page 22 of Donna’s off the shelf And if you want to join in on Donna Hay Wednesday just let us know in a comment. WE would love to have you.