The thing about apple tarts is that they usually aren’t as sweet as some desserts. And that’s a good thing. I love apple desserts. And if they include custard and filo dough, well… ’nuff said.

This was basically a simple dessert. Layers of buttered filo dough topped with a thick (very thick) almond cream and covered in sliced Gala apples. Now top that with some almond flavored whipped cream…

    ….and you have a finger lickin’ tasty treat.

And I do mean finger-lickin’ because you can pick this up and ‘eat it out of hand’ as Dorie says.

This was supposed to be made with almond flour but I didn’t have any. I used regular four and a good deal of almond extract. This gave me an admirable almond cream. But it was very thick and difficult to spread on the fragile filo dough. Not to worry, careful and slow did the job. Dorie glazed her tart with a jelly glaze but I sprinkled mine with a cinnamon sugar instead. It was good.

I am sure there were others out there who made a few changes in Dorie’s apple tart. Go on over to and check out the apple tarts. You can find the recipe on page 458 in Dorie’s around my french table.