And for me it is definitely spur of the moment. I had decided I wasn’t going to make the soup this week for FFwD. The weather has been in the mid 80s and, to me, that is NOT soup weather. But when Hubs left town and my dinner date fell through I needed something quick and filling. This soup seemed to fit the bill.

    sour-of-the moment Vegetable “Stone” Soup”

…is what Dorie calls this quick and light veggie soup. A mix of sauteed onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, and herbs simmered gently in chicken broth that you can eat ‘chunky’ light style or puree into a smooth silky comfort soup.
I liked the simple broth with veggie chunks, B preferred it slightly pureed.

Either way it is delicious.

Dorie reminds us that it is ‘…it’s more an idea for a recipe than a real recipe…” which means it is highly adaptable to your pantry or veggie bin. tomorrow night I will add a few more vegetables, some pieces of cooked chicken, and some left over pasta which will add more body to the soup. I’ll think of it as neighbors bringing more tidbits to add to the simple stone simmering in water!

Look on page 74 of Around My French Table for the soup ‘concept’ and check out the other soup makers at for their versions of Stone Soup!!