Yes. Yes.

    That’s what it says. ….and prunes

      Nope! Don’t think so. PRUNES! YUCK!!

    But …..maybe…..

    …and maybe I was wrong.

Oh, not about the prunes, I just could not bring myself to actually EAT one, but the blended flavors of the sweet potatoes, spices and, ok, fine, PRUNES was wonderful. Dorie said the suace was so good… Well, that was an understatement. Just give me a spoon!!!

The only change I made was to use boneless thighs instead of chicken pieces. Pieces would have been too messy for the luncheon I was taking it to. I made it the night before and warmed it slowly in a slow cooker {and wondered if I could have cooked it in the slow cooker…..}

I served some couscous on the side for whoever wanted it. Perfect meal!!

Please visit the
website and see what the other Doristas did with their Tagine!!! And if you want the recipe it is on page 212 of Dorie’s Around My French Table

NB: If you taste the prune, which falls apart, with chicken or potato – it’s not TOO bad!!! LOL Lunch buddies were split about 50/50 on whether they liked it. Fortunately for me I have leftovers.