On June 6, 1944, my Dad was flying over Europe as a navigator-bombadier in a B-26, commonly known as the Widow Maker. He was a 21 year old First Lt. He was part of D-Day!

He was proud of his country, proud to fight for it. And almost died for it. After the war was over he said the rest of his life was pure gravy since he had survived WWII. In 1953 he was flying over Korea as a navigator-bombadier in a B-25. He volunteered for Viet Nam but was sent to Germany instead. Sunday was his 89th Birthday. I made him cupcakes.

Not just any cupcakes – Malgieri’s Golden Cupcakes on page 261 of the Modern Baker made with 6 – yes SIX – large egg yolks. They were beautifully yellow and very rich.

He liked them. He blew out the candle, smiled a lot. And then Tuesday afternoon he went to the ER with pneumonia and he is not able to swallow.

We are waiting. Waiting to see if he will survive something worse than a war. Old Age and pneumonia.

But there is no doubt in my mind he will win this battle, too. After all, he is a member of The Greatest Generation!!

Cupcakes are from Malgieri’s the Modern Baker on page 261.