I admit it. I have never made a frittata! Quiche? Yes! Omelet? Yes! but Frittatas always sounded rather dry to me. Not so!! And thank you Donna for letting my first one be a good one!

A frittata is basically a quiche that has been finished under the broiler to give it a nice brown top. That is why I thought it would be dry. The trick is to let the dish only partially set on the stove on low heat before you finish it off. If you cook it all the way through first it WILL be dry.

While Donna listed new potatoes, red bell pepper, zucchini and sweet potatoes she also said we could really use what ever we liked. Opportunity! I replaced the zucchini with asparagus and eggplant. Good choices. Next time I will use some gruyere with the cheddar as well.

It did take a little longer for my veggies to roast but it was all well worth the wait.

Visit with Gaye and Chaya to see what they made. And you can find the recipe, Chaya’s pick, on page 73 of Donna’s modern classics book 1