Dorie described these small gingerbread cakes, contributed by Johanne Killeen, as –

    “…spicy, robust, and bursting with the heat of ginger and black pepper.”

And she was absolutely correct!


Cooled off with a small swirl of whipped cream sprinkled with ground ginger they were the perfect snack.

I found myself without any molasses so I used some lovely thick cane syrup gifted to us by a friend who makes his own. It is absolutely wonderful. I cut the espresso by 1/2, but the rest of the ingredients stayed the same. They were moist, spicy, peppery, and delicious.

The gingerbread cakes are hosted by Karen of Karen’s Kitchen Stories and you can find the recipe on her blog.

We are using Baking with Julia now for Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe is on page 247. You should find a copy of the book and bake along with us. Lots of goodies in store!!!!