One of the things one cannot find in the South in December is whole pumpkins. Unless you think ahead, which I didn’t, and buy a couple in November they just aren’t available after Thanksgiving. Which is why I didn’t make Gaye’s pick back in December. Sorry, Gaye, but here it is now!


Donna’s dish is a simple risotto which is baked in the oven with diced pumpkin. Since I didn’t have pumpkin I used Butternut Squash. It’s the same family so it worked just fine.

I did find the dish a little bland. I added extra salt and pepper and Parmesan cheese. I think if I make this again I will precook the squash and caramelize it a little. But all in all it wasn’t bad.

You can find the recipe ONLINEor on page 130 of Donna’s modern classics BOOK 1