One of the easiest things to enjoy is noodles. And there are so many different kinds. And most of them we are very familiar with. But maybe not this one:


Allow me to introduce you to SPAETZLE. A simple little boiled noodle that goes with everything. For Dorie, it goes with herbs and mushrooms. And it is delightfully delicious and very light.


I make these easy little noodles when I don’t have time to make other types. I found out that using a slotted spoon or a colander is not the easiest way to make Spaetzle so, loving gadgets like I do, I added a spaetzle maker to my kitchen collection.


It is so much fun to use.

Anyway, I had some spaetzle left over so I added it to some soup, browned it in some butter with some sage. But Dorie’s was the best way – and definitely worth a repeat lots!!

You can find the recipe on page 372 of Dorie’s Around My French Table.

And visit with the other members of FFwD to check out their Spaetzle.