I have been baking and cooking with Dorie for a LONG time. It isn’t often I come across a recipe I really DON’T like. I did this week.


    shrimp and cellophane noodles

I have to agree with many of the members of FFwD. This was not a keeper. I found it to be rather tasteless even after I doubled the 5 Spice. It improved somewhat, but not enough to make it again. Ingredients were pretty basic – Sesame Oil, shrimp, onions, 5 spice, garlic. It was the tomato puree that really messed me up. It just didn’t seem to belong there. Several members either deleted or cut back on the puree and said it wasn’t bad. Wish I had followed their lead.

I would rather use my shrimp in something else – like an etouffee or creole.

Sorry Dorie.

You can read the other members’ comments by visiting doire FFwD

The recipe is on page 322 of around my french table.