Ah, the Soufflé. According to most cooks/chefs through the years one of the hardest things to make. Or at least make successfully. I have always wanted to try them so when it came my time to pick a recipe for Wednesdays with Donna Hay I took advantage of it.


The hardest thing about a soufflé is getting the rise to stay risen. The rule is, do not open the oven door – ever!! Which is exactly what Donna said. So I didn’t. The soufflé rose nicely and stayed that way for about, oh, 3 minutes. Just long enough to snap and pic and then BAM!! down they went.

The soufflé conained cheddar cheese, spinach (which I harvested from the garden – so cool!), as well as the usual butter, flour, milk, etc.

While these were fun to make, I found them to be somewhat bland. I would add more seasoning next time. Maybe a little garlic? And seasoning salt rather than just salt and pepper.

So I have made soufflé with some degree of success. I will try them again.

The recipe is on page 80 of Donna’s Classics Book 1

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