French Onion Soup aka FOS used to be something one could order in a restaurant and that was about all. It was considered a rather elegant choice of soup. Homemade was unheard of. KAYTE is a big fan of FOS and chose this week’s Wednesdays with Donna Hay. Now when I say big fan I mean BIG fan. If there is a recipe out there, she has tried it. I am sooo surprised it took her so long to put it into our rotation!!


In the past I have made Jamie’s English Onion Soup as well as Ree’s French Onion Soup.

I topped Donna’s version with some shredded parmesan and a piece of toast and tuckered into it for lunch. It was very tasty. But I have to admit I prefer Jaime’s. It has sage and cheddar. I found Donna’s to be in need of more flavor and depth.

Check with Chaya, Kayte, and Gaye for their soups.

If you want to try Donna’s Onion Soup it is on her website and on page 27 of Modern Classics Book 1. AND if you want to join us we are using Donna’s Off the Shelf, Modern Classics Book 1, and her online recipes. Just let us know.