I have to say this was a ‘devilishly’ good dish.


And ‘devilishly’ simple. According to Dorie when you see diable on the menu you can be sure the dish has mustard in it. To make this dish you simply mix butter, olive oil, shallot, and garlic with white wine, cream, worcestershire sauce and a touch of mustard. I say a touch because while Dorie calls for 3 Tbl I only used 1 because we REALLY don’t care for mustard. But I had to put some in cause Dorie said so.

I admit I was surprised we liked this, well, I knew I would like it but I was surprised when B did. His food horizons have increased a lot in the last few years and is more willing to try new things. Including this dish – with mustard and Worchestershire sauce.

Since I wanted to highlight the flavor I served it with some simple butter and parsley noodles. With some of the sauce. I only used two chicken breasts but made the whole amount of sauce. One thing I dislike is not having enough sauce. It’s all gone now, but it was good to have extra.

You can find the recipe on page 217 of Dorie’s Around my French Table. And please check with the other members of doire FFwD for their diables.