I was very happy when Gaye chose this week’s recipe from Donna Hay. I had made it before and was hoping someone would choose it before I did.


Beef and Caramelized Onion CousCous Salad

It has not been that long since I discovered couscous so when a recipe comes along that uses it I am always game. And this one is good!! Couscous mixed with caramelized onions, olive oil and broth. How can you go wrong with that. I admit I left out the lemon all the times I have made it. And this last time I mixed in some sauteed mushrooms just for fun.

Okay, I also admit I didn’t cook the steak as in the recipe but I did use some sliced steak that B fixed on the grill. Quick, easy, delicious and quite open to variation. Try it sometime.

The recipe is on page 78 of Donna’s off the shelf: Cooking from the Pantry but you can also find it HERE. And take the time to visit with Chaya, Kayte, and Gaye for their take on the couscous. The four of us are cooking from Donna Hay’s recipes (cookbooks and online) and post on Wednesdays if you want to join us. Just let us know in a comment.