The fragrance of fresh bread wafting through the house is one of the most comforting things ever! That means that baking bread is always a plus since you have something tasty to enjoy and a comforting feeling as well. And so it was this morning as I was making Leslie Mackie’s Rustic Potato Loaf (supposed to be Loaves but I only made one)

P1010093Mackie’s loaf is beautifully rustic. By baking this bread with the seam up rather than down you get the nice rough top, or as she put it, “…with a jagged, flour-encrusted crease…”. Love it!!

The loaf is made with mashed russet potatoes, complete with skins, and AP flour with a little EVOO and potato water thrown in for good measure. You end up with a nice crusty bread perfect with a little dipping oil. And little pieces of skin showing up through the bread.


You can find the recipe for these lovely loaves on Dawn’s Site – Simply Sweet. Or, if you want to join the Baking With Julia fun the loaves are on page 138 of Child’s Baking with Julia

And please stop by and visit the other Members of Baking with Julia and see their gorgeous breads.