About once a month The Lunch Bunch gets together to eat, laugh, talk, and just chill out. The Lunch Bunch is a collection of fellow teachers. Some of us are retired, some of us still teach. All of us enjoy getting together as often as possible.

I always like to take something new. This week Kayte’s Donna Hay pick was perfect.


My gals finished off this cannelloni with no problem. The recipe gave me 24 small stuffed pastas. I used 17 of them for the luncheon and saved the rest for us. Instead of using the usual cannelloni shells, Donna has us using lasagna noodles which we cut in half and roll up around the ricotta and spinach filling. the stuffed noodles are then covered in Donna’s basic tomato sauce. I was supposed to cover the dish with lots of Parmesan cheese but I used mozzarella instead because I wanted the melty goodness. It was a good idea.

The recipe is in Donna’s modern classics: book 1 on page 142. It is also on Donna’s website. We really liked this and I will definitely make it again. Check out the cannelloni made by




And if you would like to join us on Wednesdays just leave a comment and we will add you in. The more the merrier.