Ok. I confess, this week’s REAL Donna Hay pick is supposed to be smoky roasted Gazpacho. I have tried gazpacho a couple of times. I have tried to like it a couple of times. Nope! Doesn’t work for me. Sorry, Chaya. It was Chaya’s pick this week. But I could not just do nothing, so I went back and did an extra that Kayte and Gaye did earlier.


    Asparagus Tarts

These are extrememly easy to make and deliciously easy to eat. Simply place some trimmed asparagus on some puff pastry squares, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake. YEP!! THAT easy. I make asparagus like this all the time, but not in the crust. And I didn’t actually use puff pastry. I used some Croissant dough I had left from another recipe. Croissant dough is very similar to puff pastry to I decided it would be just right.

I only made four. I am glad it is still asparagus season so I can make some more!!!

You can find the recipe on page 174 of Donna’s classics BOOK 1
And if you want to see everyone elses Gazpacho visit:

The recipe is on page 30 of Donna’s classics BOOK 1. I also found it HERE! But you really need to buy her cookbook for MORE wonderful recipes. And then you could cook along with us!!