This week’s Donna Hay dish is a nice little pasta dish that is easy and quick to make.


If you have some spaghetti (I used some homemade egg noodles), chicken, capers, and olive oil you are almost there. Now add some lemon juice, zest, and garlic and you have all the makings of this tasty dish. (It also calls for red chillies, but I left those out!!)

I liked it, but B wasn’t a fan. Made a good lunch since it was quick (and I had some cooked breasts.) The only problem, and it is probably because of the pasta I used, I found the dish to be a little dry. Next time I will add a little pasta water.

This was Gaye’s pick his week so amble on over and check out her pasta. And while you are wandering the internet check on Chaya’s and Kayte’s as well

The recipe is on page 22 of Donna’s Off the Shelf: Cooking from the Pantry. It is also on Donna’s website, with tons of other delicious recipes.