I am always ready to eat pasta. Anytime. Any meal. Any kind. So when it was my turn to pick the week’s recipe for Wednesdays with Donna Hay I went searching for a good simple pasta.


Donna’s pasta with mushrooms is a creamy simple sauce tossed with linguini (or fettuchini, or skinny spaghetti), Parm cheese, basil leaves and S&P. The sauce is made with ‘shrooms (duh), cream, veggie stock (which I didn’t have so I used beef broth), and a little lemon juice. I was afraid the juice would curdle the cream but it just came out smooth and creamy. (The recipe also called for diced red pepper but I am not a fan so I left it out.

    Super simple.

      Super tasty.

The recipe is on page 22 of Donna’s off the shelf: cooking from the pantry and I found it online HERE.

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and Chaya to see how they liked this pasta.