Using wonton wrappers for desserts is not anything new. I have used them before. Fried and filled with chocolate. So I was ready to use them again when Chaya made her pick for this week.


What you have are layers.

    Wonton Wrapper
    Apple slice
    wonton wrapper

Which is then brushed with butter and baked.

These sounded really tasty, but they were disappointing. Maybe Donna used larger wrappers but there wasn’t enough filling to get much flavor and too much wrapper around the outside. And while the outer edge was crispy the middle was a little leathery.

I filled some with apple and chocolate, some with apple and butterscotch chips (Thank you, Kayte) and some with apple and cinnamon chips. All of the fillings were tasty, there just wasn’t enough to get lots of flavor.

I don’t think I will make these again. At least not in this size.

If you want to try them you can find the recipe on Donna’s website.

And check with Gaye
Kayte and
Chaya to see if they liked them.